The Vaccination Crisis


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Part One- The Adult Mass Vaccines

Why smallpox and anthrax vaccines are not safe. The goverment plan, in an emergency, to required smallpox and anthrax vaccination. Home Remedies in case of a smallpox attack.

Part Two- The Childhood Vaccines

The eight required childhood disease vaccines and why they are so terribly dangerous. The combined:DPT and MMR. The truth about DPT and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and MMR Vaccine and Autism. The four other vaccines. What is in vaccines that make them so insidious? And what do they do inside your body?

What to do if you must take immediate action to avoid having your child vaccinated. A Carefully worded Letter; Requesting Exemption from Vaccination on Religious Grounds.

If you are taken to court. A federal Law you should know about. Vaccinations When traveling abroad. Vaccinations in the Armed Forces.

Legal Exemption Statues throughout the United States- State by State, plus the district of Columbia.

List of Toxic Materials in Vaccines. Outstanding Online Sources. Books on Childhood Vaccination.

Where to locate 189 Authoritative medical research articles in professional journals, which verify in glory details the dangers and ineffectiveness of vaccines.

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